Tuesday, February 16, 2010

solidworks software

3 Type
according to: tools and features
  • SolidWorks Standard
  • SolidWorks Pro
  • SolidWorks Premium

SolidWorks standard

The SolidWorks cad software  includes tools for 3D modeling ,  assembly, 2D drawings , sheetmetal, weldments, and free form surfacing. easy drafting  It can import numerous file types from other 2D and 3D Model cad software like autocad . It also has an API for custom programming in Visual Basic, C++, C#, and other COM-compliant languages. Also included is an entry level finite element analysis program called SolidWorks SimulationXpress (formerly known as CosmosXpress) like ansys.

SolidWorks Professional

The SolidWorks Pro bundle includes the SolidWorks core product plus several add-in programs. These include:
  • Design Checker (Checks notes, dimensions and other settings in drawings to make sure they adhere to company standards)
  • eDrawings Professional (Adds markup and measuring capabilities to the free eDrawings viewer)
  • FeatureWorks (Adds editable features to "dumb" imported geometry)
  • Pdmworks (A workgroup level document management program to manage SolidWorks files as well as other file types)
  • PhotoWorks (Realistic Photo rendering)
  • Task Scheduler (Schedule SolidWorks to bulk print, import/export files, and create eDrawings)
  • Toolbox (A collection of common fasteners and hardware, Screws, Nuts, Washers, etc.)
  • Utilities (Additional tools for selecting features and comparing features and geometry)
  • 3D Instant Website (Publishing an HTML document of SolidWorks documents, uses eDrawings for viewing)
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