Monday, April 26, 2010

Solidworks video tutorial about how to Apply solidworks CosmosXpress stress analysis tool to Hand wheel

COSMOSXpress is a first pass stress analysis tool for SolidWorks users. It helps you judge whether your part will withstand the loading it will receive under real-world conditions. COSMOSXpress is a subset of the COSMOSWorks product.


COSMOSXpress uses a wizard to provide an easy to use, step by-step method of performing design analysis. The wizard requires several pieces of information in order to analyze the part: materials, restraints and loads. This information represents the part as it is used. For example, consider whathappens when you turn the handwheel. The hub is attached to something that resists turning. This is represented by a restraint - the hub is restrained so it doesn’t move. A force is applied to the hole in the rim as you attempt to turn the handwheel. This is a load. What happens to the spokes? Do they bend? Will they break? This depends on the strength of the material the hand wheel is made of, the physical size and shape of the spokes, and the size of the load.


In order to analyze the model, COSMOSXpress automatically meshes the model, breaking it up into smaller, easier-to-analyze pieces. These pieces are called elements.

Although you never see the elements, you can set the coarseness of the mesh prior to the analysis.


The analysis produces results in the forms of Factor of Safety, Stress Distribution and Deformed Shape.

Using the Wizard

The design analysis wizard walks you through the steps of analysis, from Options to Results. The steps are:

  • Options
Setup the type of units that are commonly used for materials, loads and results.

  • Material
Choose a material for the part from the standard library or input your own.

  • Restraint
Select faces of the part that remain in place (fixed) during the analysis. These are sometime called constraints.

  • Load
Add external loads such as forces and pressures to induce stress and to deform the part.

  • Analyze
Run the analysis, optionally setting the coarseness of the mesh used.

  • Results
View the results of the analysis: Factor of Safety (FOS), Stress and Deformations. This is sometimes called postprocessing.

In this solidworks tutorial you will learn 
  • how to check you design to know its ability for  production by cosmos express tool
  • how to modify you design to be suitable for certain load and check its stress analysis , deflections and it's shape after apply load 
  • make report 
  • know all your 3d model physical properties
  • you will know how to make new plan 
  • make video show the deflection of hand wheel after apply load  
solidworks analysis

solidworks analysis
solidworks analysis

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