Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Free Solidworks Tutorials

Solidworks Tutorials index

Solidworks Tutorials

are you a solidworks tutorials fan ? , then you're in the right place , in solidworksspace.blogspot.com we'll give you access to large index of online tutorials , tools , materials that will help you in your work .

Our Solidworks tutorials specially made for beginners , and advanced users , with screen shots and commentary to help you understand every single point in the tutorial without any problems .

  Because we love to share , our online Solidworks tutorials are free and it will always be , all we ask is if you like our tutorials share it with your friends , family , co workers .

We'll help you to learn Solidworks modeling for free , just watch and follow the steps in our lessons and you will improve your knowledge of the Solidworks functionality .

diverse of solidworks lessons for free we provide 3D Modeling tutorials , sketching , weldment , Sheet metal , Rims and tires , Assembly and 3D Wallpaper for free .

In the upcoming videos we will teach you how to use Solidworks from beginner basics to advanced techniques with our online Solidworks Tutorials hosted on youtube .

1 - Introduction to Solidworks

an introduction to Solidworks and how to get used to the program , how to deal with the program interface , toolbar , features easily this introduction gives you the knowledge you will need to begin your trip in this field , 2D Modeling , 3D Modeling , Rims and tires , Assembling etc...

2 - Introduction to Solidworks Sketching

How to deal with solidworks sketch tool bar smart dimension sketch relations . tools like spline , and how to make a smooth curve fitted through selected points , how to apply a spline on a curved surface , and how to dead with 3D Sketch options .

3 - How to make 2D drawing From 3D Model

You'll learn how to generate 2D drawing from 3D Model with few steps , because generating 2D Sketch , Drawings from 3D Model have some advantages :- Designing  models faster than drawing lines , SolidWorks creates drawings from models , so the process is efficient .

4 - Solidworks Mirroring and Pattering

We are going to explain sevral ways that solidworks can allow us to create properly designed models both easier and faster and the first step will be patterns , linear pattern , cricular pattern , then we're going to discuss mirroring and how to create another copy of a feature .

5 - Cosmos Tutorials

Cosmos designs analysis automation application fully integrated with Solidworks , This softwar uses the finite Element Method , to simulate the Working conditions of your designs and predict their behavior .

6 - Sweep Tool Tutorial

Modeling free-form shapes requires some techniques for creating features that are quite unlike the extruded or revolved shapes built in the basic Solidworks tutorials . This example will go through the steps of creating the Bottle .

7 - 3D Modeling Auto Idler

idler arm solidworks molding and learn : How to edit feature edit sketch ? How to make Extruded boss Up To surface ,select contours ? Why merge result ? , How to make extruded cut and extruded cut up to surface? Make constant radius fillet .

8 - Solidworks draft analysis tutorials

Solidworks tutorial Learn how to make draft analysis and discover
faces requires to draft for draft allowance for mold design in Solidworks , How to make draft analysis for your design then draft your design for mold design .

We've reached the end for now watch and learn those Solidworks Tutorials are free and we'll provide our visitors with new and updated Solidworks Tutorials .

Monday, August 26, 2013

Solidworks tutorial make draft analysis for product then draft it for mold design


This is our product we need make mold for it

solidworks tutorial

 Download it  to apply this solidworks tutorial from here

What is draft analysis tool ?

The Draft Analysis tool is useful in determining whether the part has sufficient draft to be removed from the mold based on a set draft angle.

Why draft analysis  tool ?

when you design mold for your product  you must consider draft allowance in your design so solidworks give you draft analysis tool to show the faces need to draf before your product mold design.

in this solidworks tutorial you will learn how to make draft analysis for your product

solidworks tutorials

after you know the faces need to draft you will use draft tool to draft it  and don't forget to roll back  fillet  to make draft

draft analysis

then watch draft analysis tutorial  video

draft analysis tutorial video


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Afag Challenge For engineer



Show us your most exciting and innovative use case with an Afag handling component and win a TISSOT T-TOUCH. (afag challenge )

With this challenge, we would like to discover the interesting and innovative applications of our customers even better, and promote the transfer of knowledge among engineers on the PARTcommunity portal of CADENAS.
You have obstructed Afag handling components in your constructions or have discovered these components in practice applications? Post your contribution together with a photo or a screen copy to the PARTcommunity portal!
The challenge is running until 30th April 2013.

What can you win?

Afag awards the most interesting use case with a TISSOT T-TOUCH
The winner will be selected by a jury of Afag.
The use case can of course contain several components. The focus of your use case should be laid on Afag components.

Who can participate?

All duly registered members of CADENAS PARTcommunity who are at least 18 years of age.

Take part Now  click on the logo

engineer cad prize