Monday, August 26, 2013

Solidworks tutorial make draft analysis for product then draft it for mold design


This is our product we need make mold for it

solidworks tutorial

 Download it  to apply this solidworks tutorial from here

What is draft analysis tool ?

The Draft Analysis tool is useful in determining whether the part has sufficient draft to be removed from the mold based on a set draft angle.

Why draft analysis  tool ?

when you design mold for your product  you must consider draft allowance in your design so solidworks give you draft analysis tool to show the faces need to draf before your product mold design.

in this solidworks tutorial you will learn how to make draft analysis for your product

solidworks tutorials

after you know the faces need to draft you will use draft tool to draft it  and don't forget to roll back  fillet  to make draft

draft analysis

then watch draft analysis tutorial  video

draft analysis tutorial video


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